We are healing patients remotely only.  We are no longer providing in-person sessions.

Acupuncture has more than two thousand years of documented history, and is considered “traditional” medicine in many countries in the East; ironically, it is the Western medicine that is considered “alternative” medicine in those countries.  As a traditional medicine, acupuncture has been used not only to treat stress and orthopedic problems, as widely known in the West, but also other various conditions as well, such as hormonal imbalances, digestive disorders, auto-immune diseases, and pain management cases.

It is our hope to bring a better understanding of acupuncture to the West, and deepen its root in the field of medicine, complementing the Western medicine in improving the health of everyone.  Unbounded by geographic limitations through remote healing, we are globally realizing this hope one patient at a time.

We feel that it is important for patients to find an acupuncturist whose treatment style and personality speak to them clearly for optimum results.  We hope that the About Us and Treatment Experience pages give you enough information about our style and personality. Please take the time to explore them, and give us a call when you would like to experience our treatment yourself.

Acupuncture Experience

Get a sense of what to expect during a typical treatment session.

Home Remedies

Find out what you can do for common health conditions, i.e., seasonal allergies, headache, and abdominal cramping during PMS to name a few.

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