Remote Healing

I use the term “remote healing” to differentiate from telemedicine where a doctor sees you via a conference tool, and then either prescribes you a drug, or refers you to a specialist.  By remote healing, I mean rendering both diagnosis and treatment while video conferencing as if you are in my office, except that I do not use physical techniques.  My remote healing skills were developed as a byproduct of more than two decades of dedicated Samadhi and Vipassana meditation practices.

If you have been my patient in the past, you may have noticed that I do not busy myself with typical diagnostic tests such as pulse taking, tongue diagnosis, or muscle testing.  Instead, I “listen” to the body with my hand on top of the head to find the primary lesion, and then energetically “scan” the body to find details of the primary lesion and/or local lesions.  This way of diagnosing gives me far more accurate data that is precise enough to point me to a lesion as small as a malfunctioning nucleus in the brain.  This diagnosis method relies on extreme calmness to discern abnormal vibrations of lesions from the surrounding normal tissues.

You may have also noticed that I may simply place my hands without any perceived motion, and something unusual happens, like a muscle or whole body twitch.  This phenomenon comes from equalizing the vibrations in the lesions found from the scanning with those of the neighboring normal tissues.  The rapid healing that I have become known for takes place because of this equalization which comes from intense concentration.  The physical techniques play their role in assisting the physical manifestation of my concentration in the patient’s body.

Remote healing is a combination of extreme calmness (result of Vipassana) and intense concentration (result of Samadhi) to perform diagnosis and treatment from a distance without physical techniques.

I have yet to find a satisfactory scientific explanation of how calmness, no matter how extreme, allows me to feel the vibrations of tissues, and concentration, no matter how focused, enables me to manifest physical changes from a distance without touching.  Nonetheless, Buddhism calls remote diagnosis a part of 천안통 (pronounced chun-ahn-tong in Korean, dibba-cakkhu-nana in Pali, and 天眼通 in Chinese), and quantum physics has a theory called entanglement that could explain how my intent makes physical changes from any distance.

As of September 2020, my remote healing skills have surpassed my hands-on techniques to the point where I choose to treat my own wife remotely. If you are wondering whether you would benefit from a remote healing session, the following testimonials could be of help.

What Dennis’ patients are saying in their own words

I have been a patient of Dennis Yang for 5 years.  I first went to see him after unsuccessfully doing months of physical therapy to resolve my knee pain.  He got rid of the knee pain in one session.  (Don’t believe me?  Come watch me kickbox for an hour!)  Since then, he has successfully treated me for a variety of problems, both chronic and new, including scoliosis, neck pain, frozen shoulder, and uterine fibroids.  Because of him, I was able to avoid the hysterectomy my doctor was recommending.  And thanks to Dennis, I can do things I thought I would never be able to do at my age!  He has also successfully treated both of my sisters (one of whom is an MIT-educated doctor of physical medicine), my parents, and countless friends I have referred to him.  When Dennis had to close his clinic due to the novel coronavirus, I was devastated – he’s my go-to guy for pain and physical ailments.  When I woke up one morning with a sore throat, a piercing pain in my ear, and a needling pain on my head, my first thought was “oh no, do I have COVID-19??”  I called Dennis in a panic, and we scheduled a remote healing session for later that day.  Right off the bat, he scanned me and was able to tell me quickly that I did not have COVID-19 (phew!).  He said the problem was muscle-related, including a possible pinched nerve, most likely due to the way I had slept the night before.  By the end of the session, the pain in my throat and ear were gone, and the pain in my head was 80% gone.  Within a few hours, the head pain was completely gone.  Even after years of working with Dennis, he still continues to surprise me with the extent of his healing abilities!  Thank you, Dennis – what would I do without you?

Kathleen O

Skeptical of remote treatments? Join my club. I have an advanced degree from an Ivy League university, and I am still the least educated in my entire family.  My husband is a doctor who sees Dennis regularly, and avoided knee surgery because of his treatments. My dad has a PhD from MIT, and drove for 4 hours (each way) to get treated by Dennis numerous times. I hate needles, and had never gotten acupuncture done before, but went to Dennis due to my husband’s nudging. It changed me, and I was sold. However, all this done remotely? Color me skeptical. However, after taking allergy medicine nonstop for 2 weeks and still feeling miserable, I figured I had nothing to lose except the session fee. 30 minutes later, my headache was gone, jaw tension had melted away, and I still haven’t taken Zyrtec in over a week. Now I am scheduling my next remote session, and will likely keep doing them because I know Dennis can’t use needles remotely. (So there, Dennis!) So seriously, give a remote session a try. Because really, what do you have to lose? It’s pain-free, easy, and you don’t even have to go anywhere. Give him 60 minutes to change your mind — I promise it’ll be worth it. Just don’t hog all of his appointments — me and my entire family are all now believers. You can thank us later.

– Neha P

I have Meniere’s disease, and have bouts of vertigo, dizziness, lightheadedness, and nausea.  I recently had a very bad spell, and was feeling very dizzy, especially when turning my head from side to side.  I arranged a remote healing session with Dennis, and during that hour I was incrementally able to move my head without the extreme dizziness.  By the next morning, it was gone!  At the end of the session, Dennis was able to tell me that it wasn’t in fact my Meniere’s that was activating my uncomfortable symptoms, but rather a thin layer of tissues adhering to my cerebellum.  He was able to hone in that deeply to discern that diagnosis, and gently move the tissues away, eliminating my dizziness.  One word to sum up Dennis’ abilities – miraculous!

Katie M

My 12 year old daughter had an emergency where she had strained her neck so severely that she had to lie still on the floor with her neck locked up to the left.  From one virtual session with Dr. Yang, she was able to turn her head back to neutral, get up from the floor, and move around.  Three days later, she was back to normal one hundred percent.  We also had a virtual session for her blurred vision, and low back pain.  By the end of the session, her vision was better by seventy five percent, and the low back pain disappeared completely.  We are strong first hand supporters and believers in Dr. Yang’s methods and skills.

Jacqui M