New Patients

We are no longer accepting new patients.  Please consult Hugh Turcotte at Waterfield Acupuncture.

Forms to Fill Out Prior to First Visit

Please fill out the following forms as completely and accurately as possible, and bring them with you on your first visit.

Preparing for Visit

Needles will most likely be inserted on the back, lower arms, and lower legs.  Please wear loose fitting clothes that can easily be rolled to expose these areas.  Sheets will be provided to ensure your comfort and privacy during the treatment.

Please avoid taking any form of painkillers for 48 hours prior to the appointment as they greatly reduce the body’s response to acupuncture treatment. 

Acupuncture can cause lightheadedness if administered on an empty stomach.  Please have some food prior to the visit.

Please do not consume alcohol prior to the visit.  Under no circumstances will acupuncture therapy be administered to intoxicated patients.

After Visit

Please make a mental note of how long the treatment effect lasts and how your body reacts to the treatment.  This will serve as valuable feedback for fine tuning the current approach, or choosing a new approach.

Depending on the conditions being treated, tuina massage may need to be applied to deep tissues, and can leave soreness for 24 to 48 hours.  Please do not be alarmed if soreness is experienced after the day of treatment, as this is quite normal.

Rates and Payments

Initial treatment:  90 minutes – $180.00.
Follow up treatments:  60 minutes – $120.00.

Payment is due at the time of treatment.  We currently accept cash and checks only.  We do not accept insurance.  However, if your insurance policy covers insurance benefits, we will be happy to provide you with a receipt for your reimbursement submission.

In the case that your check is returned for insufficient funds there will be a $35 fee applied to the original payment amount.