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Own Your Own Health:  Massage Six Muscles to Relieve Headaches – There is a near one-to-one mapping between the location of the headaches and the muscles that cause the headaches. When the tension in these muscles is released, the relief of the headache is immediate. This book is written for self-reliant contrarians like myself who will not accept the common misbelief that headaches can only be managed with medications, and take matters into, literally, their own hands to cure them. If you are willing to own your own health, this book is written for you.


Cancer – just like old fashioned rock candy.

Allergies and Erectile Dysfunction – find out what unpasteurized vinegar can do.

Menstrual Cramps – yet another reason to drink red wine.

Heel Pain – step on a ball.

Dizziness – thoroughly massage SCM.

Low Back Pain – my baseline treatment for low back pain regardless of all its varieties.

Infertility – sphenoid’s impact on hormones.

Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing – rid of liver and gallbladder stones.

Coronavirus – exercises to boost immune system.

Dementia – mechanical perspective.