What Dennis’ patients are saying in their own words

“I tested positive for covid-19 on a Tuesday and my mom, who goes to Dennis Yang for chronic pain, called me on Thursday to tell me to make an appointment with Dennis. He took me the next day at 11:00 am. I had been running a fever since Tuesday and had a severe sore throat since Wednesday. It was hard for me to talk for more than 5 minutes without being in too much pain. Over the course of my virtual session, my sore throat got significantly better. For the rest of the day, I had slight discomfort, but was able to talk more and noticed my voice was less raspy. My fever was down after the appointment and was gone by the night. The next morning, I woke up with no pain in my throat and my voice practically back to normal. I would recommend anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 see Dennis as soon as possible!”

– Madison M, age 20

“I had my first cigarette in the 2nd grade.  I started smoking regularly in high school and smoked on and off my entire life.  I am now 53.  I did not like that I smoked and kept it a secret from almost everyone in my life.  I tried to quit many times, but always failed.  I was seeing Dennis for other physical injuries, and after he masterfully helped me recover, I shyly mentioned that I smoked and that I had heard that acupuncture could help.  Dennis jumped in enthusiastically, without any judgment, and told me about a process by which he could ‘shut off’ the cravings in my brain.  I was immediately intrigued and ready to try.  Dennis had me imagine the sensations of smoking and as my brain lit up with the cravings – he simply held his hands over my head and ‘deleted’ the desire for cigarettes.  It was simple and over in 10 minutes.  The next day, I had a cigarette or two – but they tasted and felt disgusting.  Pretty much over night I lost the desire to smoke and no one was more shocked than me!  I have not had any cigarettes for over a month and have no desire to smoke them again – ever. This is a true miracle – no withdrawal symptoms, no painful process of fighting cravings…. nothing.  Just poof – gone.  Dennis is obviously a talented and gifted healer, but he is also a kind, thoughtful, funny and compassionate human being.  This combination cured both my physical injuries and my addiction.  I am truly grateful.”

– WMH, age 53

“For nearly three years I suffered with a chronic discomfort in my left testicle and groin area that made it extremely uncomfortable for me to sit comfortably or even bend to put on my shoes.  I went to my urologist who diagnosed it as epididymitis, and he recommended surgery. I went for a second opinion to another urologist who said it was likely a pinched spinal nerve, and recommended that I get used to living with it.

Finally, I went to Dennis. I had never had acupuncture before, but my daughter had recommended Dennis “for anything.” In my first visit, Dennis correctly diagnosed the problem as coming from tightness in the psoas muscle. With a combination of acupuncture and deep muscle massage I got a good deal of immediate relief that very first visit. Through biweekly sessions over the next few months I completely recovered.  Dennis is very smart and knowledgeable. He is dedicated to his profession and his patients. He is simply masterful in his treatment. He truly cares about healing his patients. He has a wonderful manner that instills great confidence. I have recommended several friends to Dennis for whatever problems they have.”

– Ed H, age 68

“About 5 years ago I began to get severe eczema on my hands.  To get some relief, I would have to take oral and topical steroids a few times a year.  But, when I became pregnant 7 months ago, I knew I wouldn’t be able to take steroids.  My dermatologist told me I would have to wrap my hands every night with aquaphor to stay ahead of it.  I did this for the first 8 weeks, but eczema wasn’t getting any better.  My aunt suggested that I try acupuncture.  Acupuncture was always something I was interested in, so I figured I’d give it a try.  A few days after my first treatment, my hands started to clear up.  I needed weekly treatments at first and gradually every 3 weeks, and my hands are clear as ever.  I really don’t know how I would’ve gotten through my pregnancy without Dennis Yang.  What I especially like about Dennis is that he not only does acupuncture, but also uses other healing methods.  He has so much knowledge and passion for what he does, and it shows.  Not only did he clear my eczema, but also helped me with my other pregnancy issues along the way!”

– Kristal M, age 32

“Since I can remember, I have suffered severe constipation.  My doctor’s only suggestion was to have surgery.  In my mid 20s I refused to have a surgery that would attach a permanent bag to my torso.  There were times when I would go a week or two without a bowel movement and the only remedy was to take laxatives.  Over time my body became used to the regular dose and I’d have to increase the dosage in order to have a bowel movement.  It was so uncomfortable, and there were times when my body would reject the laxatives; I would literally be sick all night.  I felt like I was doomed to an uncomfortable life, bloating, and the inability to go to the bathroom like a normal human being.  Then, I met Dennis Yang.

When I first met Dennis I was really skeptical, not because I didn’t believe in acupuncture, but because I had been to countless gastroenterologists who gave me no hope of ever being cured.  Upon meeting him, there was an immediate feeling of professionalism and knowledge, coupled with a relaxed, accessible openness and warmth.  After a few months of treatment with Dennis I began to get the “feeling” to go to the bathroom on my own without the use of laxatives. This was a break through!  I was so happy.  Now I am consistently able to have two to four bowel movements a week without laxatives, and it is the best thing on earth!  I am elated and a skeptic NO more!  My experience with Dennis has set the bar extremely high for future acupuncturists. As far as I’m concerned, Dennis is the best there is. ”

– Ruby F, age 31

“A skeptic in general, I had been particularly distrustful of alternative medicine, dismissing its claims of success as a mere placebo effect. No longer. I’ve become a believer in acupuncture after Dennis cured my chronic lower back problem that had been pestering me these last 10 years. A tolerable discomfort on a daily basis, however my back pain would convulse into a disabling spasm every other month or so. When that hit, I’d take Motrin and drag myself into work — not an easy task in a line of work that requires a lot of traveling. Although doctors assured me I didn’t have degenerated disks, they couldn’t pinpoint the causes of my back ailment. When Dennis offered his help, I had all but given up, accepting my back pain as a part of my “normal” condition. And even after his hour-long treatment, which significantly relieved my back pain, I was stubbornly incredulous. It’s now been more than a year since Dennis’ treatment, and I’m happy to report that I have been free of any back pain. And I am traveling everywhere. Thank you, Dennis, for my renewed mobility and a new found appreciation for acupuncture!”

– Vincent Y, age 45

“Having had a very difficult pregnancy thus far, I am very grateful to Dennis for his thorough and thoughtful treatment that has proved to be a godsend. I had violent nausea throughout my first four and a half months of pregnancy, until I found acupuncture. Before working with Dennis, I had begun a course of chiropractic care, which was initially very effective. In fact, when Dennis initially assessed me, the general prognosis was similar. The difference was that it became clear that in chiropractic, the object was to continue the treatments indefinitely, whereas with Dennis’ treatment, the goal was to, in his words, solve the problems. Since beginning acupuncture (which has been completely safe and wonderful for my pregnancy), I have been essentially nausea-free, when all anti-nausea medications had failed. Dennis has been a miracle worker with his knowledge of different disciplines to assess and treat everything from sciatica to diabetesswelling/numbness to diaphragm issues, constipation to muscle/back pains – all with the careful considerations of what the limitations of pregnancy creates as barriers to the traditional or simplest methods of treatment. He has advised me nutritionally and further researched questions that I have brought to him with great thought and care. I can’t begin to say to what extent he’s made my pregnancy tolerable. He has done all that my doctors and OB team have not been able, including making me comfortable in an otherwise very complicated and difficult pregnancy.”

– Sally H, age 37

“I was a bit skeptical about acupuncture as a possible solution for my chronic left ankle pain until I met Dennis Yang. Having had two unsuccessful rounds of months-long physical therapy sessions, I was running out of options. My podiatrist recommended a third round, and suggested I complement it with acupuncture, which thankfully began the process of healing for me. Dennis – only an intern then at the New England School of Acupuncture – helped me understand the bigger picture and the underlying cause of my left ankle pain. With skilled hands and a knack for identifying skeletal-muscular alignment issues, Dennis provided me with acupuncture treatments which were spot on, accompanied by tuina massage techniques which he is also highly adept at. Each session would leave my body not only relaxed, but always in a better form and mode than its previous state. I also noticed that the chronic pain I have been experiencing, which was due to an injury I had a year ago, is almost completely gone. (A relief indeed!) Moreover, Dennis has good bedside manner and has a very positive, light and kind spirit about him.  I will continue to see Dennis for other health issues I have, and now with my husband in tow, who himself cannot wait to reap the benefits of Dennis’ masterful hands and needles!”

– Maria C, age 33

“For over a decade I have suffered from symptoms that my physicians said was probably sciatica.   Last summer my symptoms got worse with more pain and a constant tingle in my right calf.   X-rays were taken and I was told, essentially, that I was wearing out, get used to it, and take more ibuprofen.  I was up to 3 or 4 ibuprofens a day to be able to function with some degree of comfort.  A friend suggested that I had nothing to loose by trying acupuncture.  I managed to connect with Dennis, a fellow MIT graduate which gave some degree of credibility.  After four weeks of Dennis’ treatment and following his directions the symptoms went away.   I still have minor aches and pains (hands, shoulders, etc.) that are easily controlled  by only 3 Tylenols a day.  I found Dennis to be thoughtful, creative and a good listener.”

– Gil F, age 77

“It has been hard for me to walk up and down the stairs at my home for the past 5 years or so.  I had to take each step one at a time placing both feet on a step as a toddler would, because of the pain in my right leg.  Dennis examined my entire body thoroughly and determined that the problem was on the outer side of my right knee.  He proceeded to apply massage techniques there, and with just this first treatment I was able to freely go up and down the stairs without having to pause at each step.  The ability to freely use the stairs at my home has been a great help considering that both entrances require climbing steps.  Dennis is very proficient and has a great deal of knowledge in how to treat people with respect and great concern.   Having a knowledgeable professional like Dennis gives you great peace of mind and body.”

– Elaine S, age 58

“Dennis is a master of his work!  I’m a young female with GI issues and I had tried every conventional method to help.  While I managed to find some relief, it was not until I was treated by Dennis that the root of my issues were brought to light and I was able to truly heal!  Dennis is very well versed and educated in his field and was able to easily translate information to me as the patient.  I was healing and learning at the same time! He is very comforting and easy to confide in and takes pride in helping his patients.  He won’t stop until you have found relief! He is what the healthcare system needs, someone who truly cares about healing others!!”

– Marisa C, age 27

“In 2003 I was involved in a serious accident at work. My left leg was almost crushed by a large pallet. The injury was so severe that the orthopedic surgeon had to consider whether or not to amputate my leg below the knee. Fortunately, they were able to insert a titanium rod and repair some of the damage. I was on bed rest for 6 months and went through years of recovery and physical therapy. I have constant pain and am limited in my physical activity. After I saw Dennis he was able to provide me with relief for 6 weeks with just one treatment. It was nice not having to take medicine to control the pain every other day! I was able to be more active than I have been in years! If I didn’t live many states over from Dennis I would come regularly for treatment.”

– Jared S, age 34