Liver and Gallblader Cleansing

By Dennis Yang

About two dozen years ago I became aware of a heavy sensation under the right side of my ribs.  As it turned out, the sensation was due to the presence of gallstones, and the process described in this article completely resolved the issue.  I did not invent this process; I am capturing it here for my patients with some important clarifications and rationale.

The liver has more than 500 functions that have been discovered thus far.  They include widely known ones, such as the detoxification of the blood, the storage of glucose, and  the production of digestive bile, and much less known functions as excretion of excess body fat and regulation of metabolism.  I personally believe that many of the diseases we typically associate with aging such as dementia, chronic fatigue, and diabetes are largely due to liver malfunction.

The malfunction of the liver largely results from congestion in the liver because of the presence of liver stones, which in turn come from the congestion in the gallbladder due to gallstones; when the flow of the gallbladder is impeded by the gallstones, then the liver gets, well, constipated.  When enough of these stones are removed from the body, the health of the liver goes back to normal practically overnight.

For those readers wondering whether they have liver or gallbladder stones, pretty much every adult in developed countries has them.  For those who suffer from allergies, skin issues, anxiety or depression, chronic fatigue, or inability to digest fatty food, chances are quite high the liver or the gallbladder are struggling from the stones.  Here are two pictures of what these stones can look like.


Here is the process to remove these stones from your body.

  1. Drink apple juice for about a week.  The malic acid in apple juice dissolves the rough surface of the stones, making them safer to pass through the digestive tract without scratching the inner lining.  Drinking at least 3 oz. of apple cider vinegar per day achieves the same effect.  Be sure to dilute it enough not to hurt the esophagus or the lining of the stomach.
  2. For a few days prior to cleansing, avoid all animal protein and dairy to store up as much bile in the gallbladder as you can.
  3. On the day of the cleansing, since you need to lie down on you back or the right side for at least 3 hours, it is a good idea to do the cleaning right before you go to bed in the evening.  Assuming that you go to bed at 10pm, here is what you do on the day of cleansing.
    1. Do not consume any food after noon or so except water.
    2. At 6pm and 8pm, drink Epsom salt dissolved in water.  1 tablespoonful of Epsom salt in 8oz of water is the guideline for a person weighing about 200 lbs.  The Epsom salt will do two things.  One, it relaxes the sphincters throughout the digestive tract so that when the stones are released from the liver and the gallbladder, they will more easily pass through.  Two, it causes terrific diarrhea so that the released stones will not get stuck in feces and stay around in the body longer than necessary.  Feel free to drink as much water if you feel dehydrated.
    3. Wait until the diarrhea completely stops.  It will be at around 10pm or so.  Mix 1/3 cup of olive oil and 2/3 of freshly squeezed lemon juice.  Any citrus fruit juice will work, but I find that lemon works the best for me.  Using a straw to bypass the tongue makes the mixture easier to swallow.  Magnesium deficient patients may not experience the diuretic effect of Epsom salt, but should proceed with the olive oil and lemon juice mixture at 10pm just the same.
    4. Lie down immediately after drinking the mixture on either the back or right side.  You need to stay in this position for at least 3 hours in order for the gallbladder to pressurize the bile, which will eventually squeeze out the stones.  If you get up within the first 3 hours, this pressurization will not take place.
    5. When you get up the next morning, drink another glass of Epsom salt to flush out the stones that have been released during the night.  When you pass the stones with diarrhea, the stones will float.  The gallstones have a green hue, and will look like peas or lentils.  Some of my patients, however, have reported stones as big as a golf ball.  The liver stones have a red or yellow hue.  You can resume eating anytime in the morning.
  4. Repeat this process every month or so until no more stones come out.  After that, it is a good idea to cleanse seasonally.

To summarize –

1 week Apple juice or unpasteurized apple cider vinegar
A few days No animal protein and dairy
Day of cleanse Noon Last meal of the day
6pm 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt in at least 8oz of water
8pm 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt in at least 8oz of water
10pm 1/3 of olive oil and 2/3 of fresh squeezed lemon juice mixture.  Immediately lie down on back or right side
Next morning Whenever you get up 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt in at least 8oz of water

It is not unusual to experience sudden weight loss of about 5-8lbs, vision improvement, and clearer skin within a few days upon cleansing, and then slowly going back to the prior condition within a few weeks.  This is because it takes about 3 weeks for the stones deep in the back to move towards the cystic and hepatic ducts.

For some individuals, it takes a couple of trials until the stones come out.  For example, nothing came out of me the first two times.  And then, more than 100 stones came out of me on the third time.