By Dennis Yang

I’ll get straight to the point because there is no time to waste.  If you want “scientific” proofs, references, kinder explanations with pictures and videos, look somewhere else.

Viral infection is a numbers game.  If the number of virus in your body tips beyond what your immune system can handle, then you die.  If your immune system mounts an attack and prevents the virus from reaching this point, then you survive.  The strategy to defeat a viral infection, therefore, comes down to decreasing the number of virus and increasing the immune cells in your body.

To decrease the number of virus in the body, practice social distancing, wearing a mask, hand washing, eating cooked food (temperature 65C/150F destroys protein coating on virus) etc. to prevent the virus from entering the body in the first place.  Once the virus has entered the body, take antivirals to hinder the virus replication processes.

To increase the immune cells in the body, you can take the commonly known approach of taking supplements such as vitamin C, Lysine, elderberries, etc., which is a chemical means of boosting the immune system, and also mechanically help the body generate and mature the immune cells more quickly, which is what this article is about.

How to generate immune cells more quickly

Immune cells are born in bone marrows inside bone cavities.  You can indirectly stimulate the bone marrow metabolism by mechanically stimulating the bones that contain the bone marrows.  The idea of stimulating the bones may sound odd, but most bones are rather fairly easy to bend and twist.

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Fully grown adults have bone marrows in the spine, ribs, and pelvis, but not in arms and legs.  I suspect that this is why children seem rather unaffected by Covid-19; they are able to produce immune cells faster.  I also suspect that higher levels of estrogen in women, which increases bone marrows, make women less susceptible than men to Covid-19.

To stimulate the spine and ribs, stand or sit, and very slowly twist the torso left and right.  At the end of each twist, hold and squeeze the ribs and spine as if you are wringing a wet towel.  This is not Yoga stretching.  Focus on the movement of the bones rather than stretching the soft tissues.  Once you get familiar with the bone movement, feel free to squeeze the bones by bending any ways you can think of.  Think of how 4 legged animals move their torso as they move around.  That’s what we are trying to mimic, except very slowly and squeezing the bones at the end of each movement.

To stimulate the pelvis, sit on a chair.  Raise your hips a couple of inches, and fall back onto the chair to vibrate the pelvic bone.  If you have brittle bones, such as osteoporosis, skip this one.

After doing these exercises for at least 15 minutes or so, lie down somewhere comfortable.  If you are sensitive enough and quiet your mind enough, you can feel a sensation in your bones as though melted butter is flowing in them.  That’s bone marrows having been stimulated.  If you do not feel this, that’s okay.  You are still stimulating the bone marrows.

You can also make a loose fist, and tap on the bones as well.  The tapping needs to be deep enough to penetrate the covering muscles and vibrate the bones underneath them, but gentle enough not to contract the muscles.  You will get a hang of this exercise very fast.

Mid-teens or younger still have bone marrows in the arms and legs.  You stimulate them by tapping just as described above.

How to mature immune cells more quickly

The majority of the newly born immune cells need to mature to properly function, and they migrate to the thymus, a gland sitting behind the sternum in the chest, to do so.  The thymus is a school for immune cells.  Tap the sternum with a loose fist to vibrate the thymus through the sternum.

Other immune organs

There are organs in our body that synergistically work with the immune cells.  Spleen, for example, is analogous to a large lymph node.  These organs, just like muscles, are innervated by the nervous system, and better nerve conduction helps them function better.  The majority of nerve conduction problems are from mechanical tension right next to the spine where the spinal cord branches out via nerve roots.  You can release this tension by massaging the muscles next to the spine.

Put two tennis balls in a thick sock, and tie the open end.  Put them on the floor, and lie down on it in such a way that the spine rests between the tennis balls.  Now, slowly roll up and down, and look for a tender spot.  Once you find a tender spot, stay there until the tenderness subsides.  Do this for the entire length of the spine, but focus on the upper thoracic spine between the scapulae because the main immune related organs are innervated by the nerve roots there.  The nerve roots that come out between T1/T2 are the main nerves that innervate the bone marrow, T2/T3 thymus, T3/T4 lungs, T7/8 spleen, so on and so forth.

Specific to Covid-19

We have so far covered the immune cell production and maturation in general.  Let’s zoom in on Covid-19.

Viruses do not attack tissues randomly.  Rather, each virus attacks specific tissues/organs.  Covid-19 seems to attack the upper respiratory system, throat followed by lungs.  This pattern is similar to the common cold.  I discovered a manual way to nip the common cold in the bud in 2015, and it has worked very well on hundreds of patients.  As long as the symptoms were still in the throat, I could reliably rid patients of the cold symptoms within minutes, and the patients reported that the symptoms never came back.  One case I remember was a high school girl with mononucleosis (often called “kissing disease” caused by the Epstein-Barr virus) with swollen glands in the neck for 6 months.  She no longer had symptoms when I saw her, but the glands would not go back to normal for months.  Within perhaps 10 minutes or so of treatment, the swollen glands disappeared completely.  Her mother who is an MD double-checked the disappearance.

I do not have a satisfactory explanation of how this works, but I have found again and again that it works.  Maybe, just maybe, this technique can help stop Covid-19 on its track before it can invade the lungs.  I have been telling my patients to do this technique religiously as soon as they feel something, anything in the throat.  So, pay special attention to this section.


There are two bones in the forearm; radius and ulna.  There is a gap between them.  In acupuncture, this gap on the dorsal side is called Triple Warmer channel.  You are going to thoroughly massage the muscles in this gap.  Remember that this is on the dorsal (back of the hand) side, not the palmar (palm of the hand) side.

If you press this gap near the wrist with a thumb of the other hand, you will feel some pressure, but not tenderness.  Now, do the same thing, about 2 inches below the elbow.  You will most likely feel tenderness even if you apply the same amount of pressure as near the wrist.  Your goal is to massage out all the tenderness along the entire length of the gap.

It does not matter how you release the tenderness.  You can use your own thumb, massage machine, etc.  When I apply this technique to a patient, I have the patient lie down supine, and grasp the forearm with two hands.  I use two thumbs next to each other at the same time along the length of the gap while bracing them with fingers on the palmar side of the forearm.  I look for a tender spot, and hold it steady with thumbs until it disappears.  Doing this technique on yourself will take some practice, but enough of my patients have learned to do it without too much difficulty.

When you apply this technique correctly, you will feel the muscles under the thumbs twitching and the stomach gurgling.  If you do not feel this, that is okay as long as the tenderness subsides.  Do both arms.

If you are going to do one exercise in this entire article, do this one.  I do this to my wife everyday.  It’s that important.


If are reading this article, I am sure you have heard of taking vitamin C, D, Lysine, echinacea, colostrum, elderberries, oregano oil, etc. to boost immune system.  I am also sure that you have read enough “scientific” articles written by authorities claiming that there is no research that shows they are effective against virus.  Well, a lack of research does not prove that they are ineffective.  It just means they do not know.

My suggestion is do ALL that you can even if there is only a remote possibility that these supplements can marginally help you fight the virus.  A small margin may be just enough for the immune system to stop the virus from going over the tipping point.

Closing thoughts

I have been meticulously following the spread of Covid-19 since early January.  I have been sharing with my patients my findings and recommendations since February.  Some have been very responsive and grateful.  Some needed much stronger proof than the opinions of a local acupuncturist.  As such, I am certain some readers will raise their eyebrows at the contents of this article.  That’s just human nature.

To add some more credibility to the contents of this article, one of my patients made a comment “this is the best information I have come across, and my father is an infectious disease specialist.”  That patient is also an MD.  If you are still doubtful and want something with scientific proofs from the authorities with impressive titles, don’t waste your time with this.  I didn’t write this for you.  Do something else.

What Dennis’ patients are saying in their own words

“I tested positive for covid-19 on a Tuesday and my mom, who goes to Dennis Yang for chronic pain, called me on Thursday to tell me to make an appointment with Dennis. He took me the next day at 11:00 am. I had been running a fever since Tuesday and had a severe sore throat since Wednesday. It was hard for me to talk for more than 5 minutes without being in too much pain. Over the course of my virtual session, my sore throat got significantly better. For the rest of the day, I had slight discomfort, but was able to talk more and noticed my voice was less raspy. My fever was down after the appointment and was gone by the night. The next morning, I woke up with no pain in my throat and my voice practically back to normal. I would recommend anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 see Dennis as soon as possible!”

– Madison M, age 20